This Georgian-inspired landscape features outdoor living rooms that are complete with natural stone, gazebos, and pergolas. Each space provokes reflection, conversation, and warmth. All of the transitions (including the granite block courtyard, flagstone brick and granite terracing, and natural stone walkways) that connect the spaces are as precisely built as each destination, leaving no small detail behind. 


Containing several garden rooms, this estate provides these homeowners the perfect combination of landscape spaces. Intentionally placed near the outdoor dining area, the vegetable garden in raised beds offer fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Escaping into a mindful walk that starts with natural stone steps, an English-inspired garden evokes all the senses with bright-colored tulips in the spring, lavender plantings, and a water fountain as the focal point. Other gardens include a wetland wildlife, succulent, butterfly, and all blue. All this with a 100% toxic chemical-free, organic approach. Just as your mind has found rest, the final path leads to a naturalistic poolside retreat.